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#30 Tips To Be Successful In College

1. Forget every movie you’ve ever seen about college. #notreal

2. You will get homesick. #youwillbeokay

3. Your professors are real people with super cool accomplishments. #gotoofficehours

4. You’re wasting your own money if you don’t go to class. #showup

5. A test could kill your grade. #studydontcram

6. Sit in the front of your lecture halls. #beseen

7. Go to the tutoring center if you are struggling. #askforhelp

8. Meet different people; you may find your life-long friends. #besocialandnetwork

9. It’s okay to change your major and/or career aspirations. #youaregrowing

10. Exercise. #freshman15isreal

11. Join clubs and be involved on campus. #thisisyourcommunity

12. Let go of the past and be the best version of yourself. #turnthepage

13. Study, Read, Study. #thisiscollege

14. You might lose touch with people you were close to in high school and it is okay. #expandyourcircle

15. Surround yourself with people who respect and encourage you. #betruetoyourvalues

16. You are responsible for your actions. #morefreedomequalsmoreresponsibility

17. Your syllabus is the "contract" for each of your courses. #keepthemalways

18. Remember when teachers reminded you about every assignment 3-5 times? You are on your own. Don't be the student who shows up on test day without knowing there is a test. #beorganized

19. When you get paid at work; or get money from your parents, budget it and don’t mindlessly spend. #befinanciallywise

20. Be aware of your surroundings and know emergency contact information on campus. #safetyfirst

21. You will get sick and mom won't be there to take of you. #knowwhotocallandwheretogo

22. Apply for internships and study abroad opportunities in the fall/early winter. #visitthecareercenter

23. When you commit to an appointment, write it down. #noonelikesflakes

24. Sleep, but not through your morning classes. #allnightersshouldnotbearegularthing

25. Be respectful not argumentative when discussing differing opinions with others. . #expandyourworldview

26. You will inevitably mess up, so take responsibility and repair your mistakes. #learnfromyourmistakes

27. Take advantage of the exclusive seminars, talks, concerts, and programs that take place on your campus daily. #frontrowseatstolife

28. You are not entitled to make ups or extra credit or anything. #youhavetoworkhardforwhatyouwant

29. College is hard, but also the best time of your life. #beginningofyourlifetrajectory

30. Remember that your admissions department chose to accept you and deny thousands of others. You belong at your college. #youaregoodenough

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