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5 Ways to Stay Motivated Senior Year

The school year is winding down and the pressure of college admissions is off. Many seniors have already decided where they will be go to school in the fall and now the challenge is to stay motivated to finish their senior year with success. Here are 5 ways to stay motivated in the final months of your senior year:

1. Stay Organized

Time management is important and using a planner or calendar will keep your organized and focused. Seniors still have to keep up with their responsibilities even though they are graduating soon. Be realistic and schedule enough time to complete your responsibilities like homework assignments, studying for exams and of fun like hanging out with friends, participating in sports and volunteer experiences in your community. Staying organized now will build excellent skills as you continue on to college and have even more responsibilities to manage.

2. Focus on Good Grades

Universities still care about final grades earned in your senior year and now is NOT the time to slack off! Many universities have been known to rescind offers or put students on probation if there are significant drops in grades. Stay focused on doing your best work. Your grades still matter so don't quit before you reach the finish line.

3. Plan a Great Summer

Start making plans for the summer. Will you work to make some extra money? Will you travel? How will you celebrate your accomplishment? Make this summer memorable and filled with an activity you will truly enjoy and look forward to as you finish up your high school career.

4. Spend Time With Family

These may be the final months you can spend quality time with your family before moving away to college. Take every opportunity to have dinner together with your family. Schedule outings and special time with parents and siblings where you create wonderful memories and stay connected as you continue your journey to college.

5. Create a New High School Memory Every Week

In the final weeks and months of high school create weekly goals for yourself. Try new things, have fun and share new experiences with your friends and family. Give yourself weekly challenges or goals that you will always remember you did while in high school. Did you always want to karaoke? go to a museum? or taste an exotic dish? Now is a great time to do these things and something you will always remember about high school.

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